Jenna VacuLock Harness

Jenna VacuLock Harness

Jennas absolutely adorable and orgasm building, white coloured harness is fully adjustable for your personal comfort. It comes with two 6 Inch silver coloured plugs, a 6 Inch long pleasure giving jelly material Ballsy dong that is a stretching 11.5cm in circumference for that total filled feeling. You also receive two orgasmic iridescent plugs, one 10cm and one 12.5cm in length, and a free tube of lubrication to get things juiced up ready for action. Another added value with the Jenna VacuLock Harness is it is completely interchangeable with other products within the VacuLock system, so you can add to your collection whenever you wish. Lock on and suck up to the Jenna Vaculock harness, and thrust your way to extreme ecstasy.


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