Aqua Comfort Lube

Aqua Comfort Lube

Aqua Comfort is a superb and unique water based formula that provides great non sticky and long lasting lubrication. The feeling is rich and silky and it doesnt leave any residue on the skin after use. The formula is free from parabenes, glycerines and propylene glycol which are normally found in conventional water based lubricants. Parabenes and propylene Glycol are both known to be irritants, causing unwanted reactions for many women. Glycerines is a sugar alcohol that provides a good environment for Candida albicans, which is the common fungal organism responsible for vagina yeast infections. Instead of Glycerines, we use a completely new moisturising agent called Hydroxyethyl UREA which has great hygroscopic properties and is less sticky than glycerines. A minimal amount of cellulose and the use of natural sugar and locust bean gums results in a formula that doesnt leave any residue on the skin after use. The ph value to 4.5, which is the normal vaginal ph value.


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