Toy Joy Jumbo Rollerball

Toy Joy Jumbo Rollerball

Girls you are going simply to fall in love with this fantastic jumbo massager. Here we have the gorgeous Jumbo Rollerball, a stunningly beautiful luscious pink coloured multispeed, bidirectional rotating ribbed shaft vibrator that is 10 inches in adorable length, and has a unique elephant shaped, adjustable clitoral stimulator, and a central chamber of sexy orgasmic love pearls. Drink in and totally enjoy the wondrous sexual stimulation gained from the Jumbo Rollerball vibrator as is sinks deeply into your vagina or anus, wallow in the orgasmic pleasure as the elephants trunk plays the tune or orgasm on your sensitive clitoris, and gasp with delight as the love pearls massage your inner walls bringing on a fantastic sexual experience.



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