Lelo Oden

Lelo Oden

Oden is an exquisitely designed couples cock ring from the LELO collection. Designed for the male partner to wear during sex, stimulation is heightened spectacularly by way of the vibrations, snugly fitting silicone ring and overall ergonomic design which acts as a compliment to sex and never an intrusion. The vibrating part stimulates the womans clitoris with every thrust, helping her travel to her orgasmic climax easier and with more frenetic passion than ever before. The Odens flexible silicone ring opens up and is placed around the base of the penis when erect, with the flattened side of Odens pleasure point against the abdomen and pointing upwards towards the navel. The vibrations are then controlled via wireless remote, alternating between SenseMotion and 6 additional stimulation modes. SenseMotion Technology offers an unprecedented way to interact with your toy. Vibration speed and intensity can be controlled via movement alone. This can range through tilting, shaking or sweeping the wireless controller through different movements, which in turn prompts a response in your Oden. More than this, the controller mirrors the vibrations you are creating, which means you can feel what a partner is experiencing from a range of up to 12 meters or 39 feet. MODE 1, Tilt your wireless controller to adjust vibration intensity. When the controller is horizontal, vibration intensity will be less. As you turn it to a 90 degree angle, vibration intensity will increase. MODE 2, Shake or rotate your wireless controller to change vibration intensity. Moving in circular motions also increases intensity, and the more varied and faster your movements, the more your toy will respond. To enjoy the additional 6 stimulation patterns on your Pleasure Object simply press the button on the toy and continue pressing to cycle through the modes. All the while plus and minus can be used to find the intensity if you prefer to use buttons rather than the SenseMotion. that is right for you. PLUS the Oden ring is waterproof AND rechargeable.


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