Close2you Rhapsodia

Close2you Rhapsodia

Rhapsodia a free, imaginative form that combines bullet strand with its musical counterpart. Vaginal or anal useable, the gradual penetration of three different sized balls ensures a perfect dose of excitement. The back and forth moving inner vibration For vaginal or anal use. The gradual penetration and withdrawal of three differently sized beads allows for perfectly dosed stimulation. Apart from the cleaning cloth, every Close2you product also includes a flexible silicone penis ring , stretchable which allows for standing ovations. For our sweet friend makes HIM stand perfectly. What is more, you will find a tube of the Close2you lubricant Glissando for flowing stimulations. And after every grand performance you can store your pleasurable instruments dust free and safely in the elegant velvet casing where they await their next great entrance.


Price: 45.49€

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2011-09-22 asdasd

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