B3 Onye Fleur Vibrator Pink

B3 Onye Fleur Vibrator Pink

Beautiful Curves. Bold Rythms. Breathtaking Sensations. Onye is a celebration of Beauty and Sensuality. B3 Onye is a celebration of Beauty and Sensuality and has been lovingly formed with sensuous lines and curves to enhance your erotic pleasure. Onye is carefully crafted of virgin phthalate free plastics hygienic stainless steel and non porous silicone. The softltextured non slip grip nestles securely in the palm and allows you to focus on the welcome waves of vibration radiating from the softly contoured, cylindrical body. Compact 4 half inch long and discreet for travel. Onye features eight blissful modes of vibration 3 speeds from gentle to intense for a variety of pleasurable experiences. Each Onye is beautifully packaged and includes a chic satin lined display case for storage. FEATURES Speeds 3 Speeds Splash Proof



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