SINFIVE Emigi Love Pearl Flame

SINFIVE Emigi Love Pearl Flame

emigi is a lovetoy for vaginal stimulation made of non toxic, skin friendly and soft elastomer with anti microbial properties easy to insert and quiet during use sits securely inside the vagina due to anatomically designed form strong ribbon for removal Application The SINFIVE lovepearl should be inserted vaginally like a tampon. The product can be held with the tail between the thumb, fore and middle finger and gently inserted into the vagina. You have reached the correct placement if the product is noticeable, but not irritating, and the tail is easily accessible for removal. Please take a relaxed position for removing the lovepearls after usage. You can remove them easily by pulling the tail. Antimicrobial effect for worry free pleasure SINFIVE emigi lovepearl is the worlds first erotic toy with a lasting, in built antimicrobial effect for your increased safety and worry free pleasure. A material, which has an antimicrobial effect is germresistant, has an in built ability to prevent the growth of microorganisms on its surface. Microorganisms which come in contact with the material, suffer direct damage to their metabolism, which renders them incapable of survival. During production, the biocompatible elastomer used to manufacture these SINFIVE products is mixed with an additive. The molecular make up of this additive has a structure and chemical reactivity, which prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. The size of these additive molecules is such that they are then firmly rooted in the product material and cannot be released. So you can rest assured that your sensitive balance of vaginal flora will not be disturbed and the antimicrobial additive used is not harmful to humans


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